Monday, January 19, 2009

background music

In the background was music, soulful and diverse, and it leaned heavily toward the kind of music one found from the sounds of prom dresses rustling across a long ago high school gymnasium floor.

There is nothing wrong with the music, its just that it has been long forgotten. There was "i Want you I need You I Love You", Mustang Sally", "Up On The Roof". Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Stones, The Drifters the Beatles. I had on a White sport coat and a pink carnation. She had on a soft pastel blue chiffon over multiple petti coats. I'm not sure which was worse the reality or the event.

I could see all my childhood friends, and I'm not sure they would enjoy seeing their names in print today.

Each song playing in my head was personal. The final song "The Sound of Silence".

I wanted to follow the music back to when it was appreciated.

Objects in the rear view mirror were closer than they seemed.

We danced in the depths of a future in the hopeless faraway Coupe Deville sky fanned by the stars of crossed wings of now, never, and forever.

What essentialy was the last day of childhood, the oddly poignant eulogy of a child growing up too fast in a world gone suddenly sad.


  1. You write good stuff cowboy.

  2. Beautiful, touching, achingly sad.

  3. adding "Objects in the rear view mirror were closer than they seemed." just fit right in! Ah, "Sounds of Silence"...

  4. The music is still appreciated. There is different stuff being appreciated by a new breed of listener.

  5. Well written and beautiful. The images are so vivid.